Can Gynecomastia Go Away with Exercise?

Handsome smiling man enjoying day on the beach.Gynecomastia is a medical condition where a man develops large, woman-like breasts. Usually, it happens because of the dense tissue under the breasts. In some cases, this can be accompanied by tenderness and pain in some people.

While gynecomastia might not be painful in some individuals, having woman-like breasts can seriously lower a man’s self-confidence. If this is a condition you’re struggling with, you may experience increased anxiety, stress, or depression because it affects how you look. You could withdraw from engaging in social activities.

Gynecomastia can’t go away with exercise. In fact, most men report that the condition worsens with exercise. The more the chest muscles strengthen with targeted movements, the more this makes the breasts protrude or look bigger.

The only solution to deal with gynecomastia is undergoing a surgical procedure that will remove the dense tissue under the breasts. UMass Memorial Medical Group team of experienced cosmetic surgeons can do this and re-sculpt your chest to obtain a flatter and firmer contour.

It’s crucial to book a physical examination to diagnose whether you suffer from gynecomastia or any other related condition like pseudogynecomastia, where breasts have fatty tissue only. Your breasts might appear larger because you’re obese or overweight. If this is the case, exercising more often will help. But you can’t be sure whether you’re dealing with a weight problem.

A professional’s opinion will help you ascertain the exact cause of your overdeveloped breasts. This will also help ensure you get the recommended treatment for your condition. UMass Memorial Medical Group is a certified board of highly experienced plastic surgeons who will examine your breasts and establish whether you’re dealing with a dense glandular or fatty tissue. Based on the physical examination, surgeons will then recommend the best plan of action to alleviate the condition. If your situation requires surgery, UMass Memorial Medical Group will provide the expert assistance you need to give your body the perfect manly shape.

If you want to discuss your case in person, contact UMass Memorial Medical Group at (508) 334-5990 or visit to book your appointment.

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