Things To Avoid After Getting Lip Filler

Close up sexy lips in nude lipstick.Lip fillers can significantly enhance the look of your lips. Besides adding volume, lip fillers give your lips the perfect shape and tenderness you’ve always wanted. After undergoing this cosmetic surgery, there are certain aftercare things you need to avoid to help reduce swelling, pain and bruising.

UMass Memorial Medical Group provides the best reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures to guarantee you achieve the look you deserve. After lip filler treatment, you can carry on with your daily activities. But the following are things to avoid after a lip filler procedure.

Avoid Strenuous Exercises

Grueling physical activity will increase your heart rate and increase blood flow. This will lead to swelling and bruising. Steer clear of extreme physical activity for one or two days after the lip filler procedure.

Avoid Laser Treatments

Laser treatments generate heat and could prevent your filler injection from working effectively. Therefore, reschedule the laser treatments for two weeks after having a filler injection.

Be Wary of Medications

Before going for your filler treatment, stay away from blood thinners like ibuprofen, aspirin, and fish oil. Avoid these medications 24-48 hours before your filler procedure since they could lead to bleeding and bruising.

Avoid Drinking Using a Straw

Try to avoid any physical activity that puts a strain on your lips for a day. This includes drinking through a straw.

Avoid Using Makeup

Wait for at least 24 hours before putting on makeup on your lips. The key issue is to avoid putting pressure on your lips at all costs. Keep in mind that kissing can put pressure on your lips. So, it’s best to avoid it for a day or two.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol expands your blood vessels, which increases the likelihood of bruising and swelling. To prevent these side effects, give it a day or two after the filler procedure before taking alcohol.

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