How Long Until I Will Need Another Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedures. Along with the advancements in procedure techniques and material development, breast augmentation surgery is a safe and effective way for women to achieve an enhanced look to their chest.

The implants used for breast augmentation surgery are made using either silicone to form a specific shape or saline fluid contained within a specially designed liner. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

However, with modern materials and techniques, implants made with either silicone or saline are now designed to last at least 10 years, possibly lasting many years longer. The results from breast augmentation are not permanent but can remain and provide the desired look for many years.

Since they are not permanent, there are a few signs to look out for to know when a replacement or revision surgery is needed. Whether the implant is silicone or saline, there is a slight possibility the implant can shift or move. Especially with silicone implants that are often designed with a teardrop shape that is firmer than silicone, this can give the appearance of uneven, lopsided breasts.

Although rare, scarring can occur around the implant material. This can create noticeable changes in the shape and size of the breast and, if severe enough, can cause tenderness and pain.

Rupturing of the implant material is also a concern as the implants age. This is much more noticeable with saline implants. If there is a rupture in the lining that keeps the saline fluid together, the implant will often quickly deflate like a balloon.

Silicone implants, while they still can rupture, tend to stay together. Though not as abrupt as saline, this will still be noticeable outside.

If you are exploring breast augmentation surgery and have questions about how long the implants will last, the team at UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center in Worcester, MA, can answer all of your questions about the types of implants and what to expect. Call the office at 508-334-5990 or visit to schedule a consultation.

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