How to End Your Crow’s Feet Woes Once and For All

Crow's FeetIf there were one body part that will most likely reveal your true age, it would have to be the area around the eyes. The appearance of crow’s feet or those pesky wrinkles on the outermost corners of the eyes are a dead giveaway. These wrinkles deepen with age and may extend down to the cheek area.

Why crow’s feet happen
The appearance of crow’s feet has to do with the skin texture around the eyes. The skin is thinner here, making it more prone to wrinkling. Sun exposure is the predominant cause of the premature appearance of wrinkles; followed closely by genetics, lifestyle, and lack of moisture. Add in the repeated muscle contractions caused by squinting and you have the perfect recipe for crow’s feet.

The solution
If preventive measures such as the regular use of sunscreen and moisturizers are not enough to further delay the appearance of crow’s feet, Botox injections are your best bet to reduce their appearance. Botox works by preventing the underlying muscles from contracting, allowing the superficial skin to relax, and consequently reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Results last for three to four months and repeated treatments are necessary to maintain your results.

Finding a qualified and experienced Botox injector is crucial to achieving desired outcomes. The injector of your choice should have in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, as well as awareness of the possible risks and complications.

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