Is It Possible to Reduce Breast Size with Diet and Exercise?

Breast ReductionSometimes, it’s hard for people to understand why a woman would want to have her breast size reduced, especially since so many women are opting to have their breasts enlarged.

Breast reduction is usually sought by women who experience a considerable amount of discomfort with breasts that are disproportionately large for their existing body type. The discomfort may range from pain in the neck and back to agonizing shoulder indentations resulting from compression of the bra straps. Skin irritation underneath the breasts may also be present.

Some are overly conscious of their breast size and avoid clothes that are too revealing. This can cause diminished self-confidence and a lack of meaningful relationships. And having extremely large breasts can make it difficult to exercise or play sports.

Hoping to avoid reduction surgery, women wonder if they can reduce their breast size through diet and exercise. While it is possible to lose some size in your breasts through weight loss because the breast tissue consists mostly of fat, losing a large amount is doubtful. Women who are genetically predisposed to having large breasts are less likely to get the desired amount of reduction from diet and exercise.

A breast reduction surgery is the surest way to reduce the physical and emotional discomforts of having breasts that are way too large for your existing body type. Call us at 508.334.5990 today to schedule a personal discussion with Dr. Dunn regarding your breast reduction plans.

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