What You Need to Know About Thigh Liposuction

Thigh LiposuctionMuffin tops, love handles, and bingo arms are popular target areas for liposuction. During personal consultations at our Worcester office, patients often ask about eliminating fat in the thigh area, particularly the inner thighs. The answer is certainly yes!

Excess fat in the thighs is often caused by a combination of factors including genetics, weight gain, pregnancy, aging, and hormonal shifts such as menopause. Although diet and regular physical activity are effective in losing unwanted pounds, they may not be equally efficient in eliminating fat in isolated areas such as the thighs.

The deed for knee liposuction
Most of the time, the knees are also treated during thigh liposuction because fat in the thigh area tends to extend down to the inner knee. Unevenness in the upper legs may result from performing liposuction in the thighs only. A highly experienced surgeon knows that performing liposuction in the knee area should be carefully planned and performed because the knees do not have large pockets of fat such as the thighs. Contour deformities may result from a lack of caution in performing knee liposuction.

On skin elasticity
Skin elasticity is one of the important elements in determining whether or not you are an ideal candidate for thigh liposuction. Desired outcomes will be most likely achieved in patients with good skin elasticity. On the other hand, individuals who have a certain degree of wrinkling in the area to be treated are often advised not to continue with liposuction because the procedure will only aggravate the wrinkling.

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