Will I Gain Back Fat After Liposuction? The Truth Revealed

If you have excess fat around your middle section, upper thighs, or buttocks that you just can’t get rid of with exercise and diet alone, then you may want to consider getting liposuction from the doctors at UMass Memorial Medical Group. By surgically scraping off and then suctioning the fat from your body, you will get an immediately slimmer body to give you the confidence you need to wear a bikini in public. However, as a fairly extensive surgery, nothing can be quite as frightening as the prospect of gaining the weight all back, but is that even a possibility? This article will discuss if you can gain back the weight after liposuction. Read on to learn more.

Can I Gain Back the Weight?

The short answer to this question is an unfortunate “yes.” Although liposuction permanently removes fat from your body, it doesn’t prevent your body from gaining back fat again in the future. Even though it’s harder for patients to gain back weight in the exact area they got liposuction, if you are eating a lot and not exercising; your body is going to store fat someplace.

How to Prevent Weight Gain

The best ways that you can prevent against gaining any weight back after liposuction is to continue on a healthy diet and rigorous exercise plan. Even though you can have an occasional treat or take a hiatus from the gym while you are on vacation, you still should be trying to live the healthiest life as possible. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you don’t gain back any excess weight after having liposuction done at UMass Memorial Medical Group

  • Workout 3-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes each time.
  • Avoid processed sugars and foods.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Stick to a diet filled with lean proteins and vegetables.
  • Try to live a more active lifestyle by going on more walks throughout the day and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

In a perfect world, you could get liposuction, eat McDonald’s all day and sit on the couch without moving an inch. However, that is simply a dream. Although liposuction will give you amazing results, you still have to put your work into maintaining your slim figure. If you would like to learn more about liposuction, contact UMass Memorial Medical Group today!


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