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Why Would I Want A Chemical Peel?

The name, “chemical peel,” makes the treatment sound as if it were invented by someone with a lab full of bubbling beakers. And though the word “chemical” has been tossed around as a bad thing, it’s often easy to forget that important, necessary requirements to our life (such as water, for example) are also labeled, […]

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Pamper Yourself With A Chemical Peel

The Holidays are upon us…along with exciting times with family and friends. If you have been examining your skin, noticing the changes time, hormones, the environment and heredity have wrought, now may be the perfect time for a chemical peel. More and more men and women are turning to chemical peels as a treatment for […]

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Choosing the Right Chemical Peel for Optimum Outcomes

You’ve probably heard or read about chemical peels and how they’re effective in restoring the skin’s natural glow without the invasiveness of plastic surgery. With various types of chemical peels available, you may be confused about your options. Here’s a quick guide! How Chemical Peels Work A chemical peel is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in […]

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