3 Things to Avoid After Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

womanIf you have decided that you would like to enhance your body and get the curves that you have always wanted by getting a breast augmentation, we will make sure that you leave the office feeling satisfied. However, in order to guarantee that you get the best result possible, you need to follow the proper recovery guidelines to allow your breasts and body heal following surgery. From avoiding exercise to heavy lifting, this article will discuss three of the things that you should avoid doing following getting a breast augmentation. Read on to learn more.

  1. Heavy Lifting
    Are you a doer? Does it take a lot for you to sit still and not do things around the house or office? If so, then this step might be a bit hard for you to do but following your surgery, it’s important that you avoid any heavy lifting. Not only could heavy lifting place undo strain on your new breast but it could actually cause your sutures to break open and become infected.
  2. Exercise
    Although exercise is an important aspect of any sort of healthy lifestyle, it’s important that you avoid exercise while you are recovering from your breast augmentation surgery. Things such as jumping, lifting weights, or otherwise overexerting yourself can prevent your body from healing at a safe and accurate rate. After a few weeks of recovery, you can get the go-ahead to start exercising again.
  3. Regular Bras
    This may sound like a bizarre thing to avoid following your breast augmentation surgery, but you should avoid wearing your regular bras until your breasts have healed a bit. For about a week following surgery, you will be encouraged to wear a compression style bra that will keep your breasts in place while your stitches heal properly.

In order to help guarantee that you get the best results possible from your breast augmentation surgery, contact UMass Memorial Medical Group today!

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