How to Get The Right Sized Breasts for Your Body

breast implantsLet’s face it, breast implants get a bad reputation for causing women to look more plastic than human and a bit like they might topple over at any moment. However, UMass Memorial Medical Group ensures that all of their patients get the most natural looking results from their implants, and the best way to do so is to get the right sized implant for your body. But how can you make sure that your breasts are the right size? Read on to learn more.

Don’t Go Too Big
Although the point of getting breast implants is to increase your breast size, if you want breasts that are more suitable to your body type, you aren’t going to want to go too large. For instance, if you naturally have an A cup, then you aren’t going to want to double D’s, instead you are going to want to get breasts that are more along the range of a C cup. Remember that the results you are going to get after surgery are going to be noticeable, no matter how large you go.

Look at Similar Body Types
If you are a visual person, then you are going to want to pull pictures of celebrities or online models who have similar body types as you in order to see exactly what different sized breast will look like on your body. Although we all wish that we had body frames that were the size of Barbie, every woman’s body is different and you want to choose breasts that won’t look awkward and fake, but that will look a bit more natural.

Consider Your Lifestyle
One thing that many women fail to consider before getting implants is the type of lifestyle they live. For instance, if you live a fairly active lifestyle and enjoy working out and spending time in the great outdoors, you may want to choose a smaller sized implant that will give your body more comfort and freedom to do everything you love. However, if you live a more sedentary lifestyle, then you won’t necessarily have to worry about going too big in regards to your breasts.

Make sure that you get the best sized breasts for your specific body type and schedule a consultation with UMass Memorial Group today!

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