Considering Breast Enlargement? Read This First

Breast Enlargement Worcester, MAWomen who want to improve their bodies most often consider breast enlargement before other types of plastic surgery. Breast augmentation has evolved to give women more options when it comes to breast shape and size. Modern implants come in a variety of styles, and choosing an implant is one of the first decisions that you will make with your plastic surgeon.

How Implants Shape Up

Breast implants come in two shapes — round and teardrop. When breast augmentation was first introduced as a cosmetic procedure, round silicone implants were the only option available so that you may be most familiar with this style.

Characteristics of Round Breast Implants

  • Not anatomically correct
  • May look fuller compared to a teardrop shape
  • Softer feel
  • Adds fullness in the upper and lower portions of the breast

Characteristics of Teardrop Breast Implants

  • Anatomically correct
  • More fullness in the lower portion compared to the upper portion of the breast
  • Feel firmer
  • May be less likely to rupture

What’s Inside Matters

Breast implants are either pre-filled with silicone or saline is used to fill the implant at the time of surgery. The FDA requires that patients be at least 21 years old to have silicone implants and at least 18 years old to have saline. You may want to choose silicone implants if you want your breasts to maintain a natural feel. Saline implants may be an option if you are budget-conscious about your breast augmentation.

Smooth or Textured?

Your plastic surgeon may discuss the option of having smooth or textured breast implants. Textured implants may be recommended if there is a possibility of a smooth implant shifting after surgery. This is most often associated with the placement and shape of the implant.

Location, Location, Location

Lifestyle, anatomy, implant style and other factors come into play when your plastic surgeon recommends a placement for your breast implants. The most common placements are:

  • Partially behind the muscles of the chest
  • On top of the chest muscles
  • Entirely beneath the chest muscles

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