Achieving Natural-Looking Results with Dermal Fillers

Facial FillerA facelift delivers the results it promises, reducing the appearance of facial lines and sagging skin, particularly under the chin and jaw. However, the invasiveness and the long recovery period associated with the facelift makes many of our patients second guess whether or not they want to undergo the procedure. For many of these patients, we recommend dermal fillers.

The Liquid Facelift for Natural-Looking Outcomes
Dermal fillers are often referred to as liquid facelifts. These fillers either contain naturally occurring or synthetic substances and help soften creases, reduce folds, and plump up areas in the face that have lost volume.

What Sets Dermal Fillers Apart from Surgical Alternatives
In comparison to a facelift and other surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, dermal fillers have the following advantages:

  • Injections are done in our office and you’ll be done in less than an hour
  • Instant results
  • Minimal to non-existent downtime
  • Results can be adjusted on your next treatment
  • Less costly than cosmetic surgery
  • Dermal fillers can be combined with other non-surgical procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels to help you achieve optimum outcomes

Each face is different and so are the cosmetic goals and preferences. Let us help you choose the right dermal filler! Call us at 508.334.5990 to schedule a visit.

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