Breast Reduction: What If You Have Too Much of the Good Thing?

48826432There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to breast size, bigger is always perceived as better by many. However, there are actually women who would most likely disagree with such perception. For some women, having naturally larger breasts may actually be a source of discomfort rather than something they should be proud about.

Every so often, women with pendulous or overly large breasts will seek cosmetic options here at our Worcester cosmetic surgery practice. By and large, the typical complaints that prompt these women to have breast reduction includes the following:

  • Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders and back due to the excess weight of the large breasts
  • Rashes, chafing, or skin irritation resulting from trapped heat and moisture underneath the overly large breasts
  • Appearance of deep grooves as thinner bra straps dig into the shoulders
  • In some cases, women complain of numbness in their breasts. Others also experience numbness in the arms, hands, and fingers as poor posture and the weight of their breasts compress nerve pathways responsible for sensation
  • Limited mobility or difficulties during exercise and other forms of physical activity
  • Difficulties in finding well-fitting undergarments, most of which are costlier
  • Poor posture
  • Lack of self-confidence and increased self-consciousness (a lot of women complained about being stared at when they go out)

Patient Satisfaction is High After Breast Reduction

A 2012 survey of 125 women who underwent breast reduction surgery revealed that nearly 90 percent of the women rated their surgical outcomes as good and very good after 6 months following the procedure.

Planning for Your Breast Reduction at the UMass Memorial Medical Group

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, breast reduction costs may be covered by insurance due to the pain, discomfort, and other physical issues associated with having overly large breasts that is not in proportion with the rest of the body.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you come up with personalized breast reduction plan that will significantly make you look and feel better after surgery.  Call Julie Gilson, our very accommodating patient coordinator, at 508-334-5990 or fill out this contact form today to set up a consultation.We look forward to your visit!


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