Weight Loss Leads to Body Lifts

Body SculptingThe obesity epidemic is causing many facilities that assist with losing weight to grow across the United States. As increasing amounts of individuals work to get their weight under control, doctors are discovering the widespread effects this weight loss can have on the body. Those that are losing weight very quickly are often left with distorted body shapes or excess skin which cause individuals to hold onto extra pounds long after they have dropped down to a healthier size.

Body Lifts can Help

Excess skin left behind after major weight loss needs to be dealt with. In addition to being unsightly and causing individuals to weigh more than they should, this extra tissue makes it difficult to move the body comfortably. These extra folds of skin can also harbor bacteria which are difficult to clean during regular bathing which can increase the risk of infection. As a way of addressing this issue, doctors are now pairing with plastic surgeons to have excess skin removed from weight loss patients shortly after they meet their goals, helping to ensure that their patients are not at risk for additional complications.

Many individuals will opt for body lifts on their own. Significant weight gain can pull the body out of alignment, causing muscle tissue to sag or sit at unnatural angles. Those that have lost weight primarily through improvements in their eating habits may not be building back the muscle tone necessary to improve this look. If the muscles are stretched or torn they may not naturally move back into a position that is considered flattering. Plastic surgeons can both remove excess skin and adjust the position of the muscles to create a slimmer body type. These procedures are often combined to reduce the amount of surgical time a patient will need, further improving the safety of the procedure.

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