How to Discuss Plastic Surgery With Friends and Family

plastic surgeryIt used to be that women who underwent plastic surgery were ridiculed or frowned upon for wanting to fix things like their breasts or noses. However, with things like Botox gaining popularity over the past decade, plastic and cosmetic procedures have started to become more and more normal. If you have been wanting to get a surgical procedure done but you just aren’t sure how you can talk about it with your friends and family, you are not alone. As something that is very personal to talk about, plastic surgery is not always easy to discuss with others— especially if you have a fear of being judged. From learning what to say to having confidence in your decision, this article will discuss a few ways that you can talk to your loved ones about plastic surgery.

What to Say

When it comes to talking with your friends and family about getting plastic surgery done, it can be hard to know exactly what to say. If you think that your loved ones simply won’t understand your decision, then you may be scared to discuss it with them. And although you don’t have to explain your reasoning to anyone, it might help you avoid confrontation later on. When explaining it to them, tell them what you’re having done and why— make sure to emphasize the fact that this is your decision and it’s not up for discussion.

Have Confidence in Your Decision

As an adult, it can still be hard to have confidence in all of your decisions. However, because it is your body and you get to choose what you want to do with it, nobody else should have a say. When talking to your loved ones about undergoing plastic surgery, make sure that you have confidence in what you’re having done and why.

Whether you are small procedure done or a large one, explaining your decision to get plastic surgery with your loved ones may not always be the most comfortable thing to go through. However, by using the tips listed above, you can make sure your conversation goes a bit smoother. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact the doctors at UMass Memorial Medical Group today!

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