What Happens During a Face Lift?

shutterstock_137421545_(1)A face lift does more than reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; it can also help you regain confidence and be more comfortable with yourself and in your relationship with others. Here at our Worcester plastic surgery practice, our goal in a face lift procedure is to restore the youthfulness of your face and neck as natural-looking as possible. 

Before making the decision to have a face lift, you should be aware of the basic components of the procedure and the things you should do on your end to ensure a successful outcome. This will help you become a well-informed patient and increase the chances of you achieving the results that you desire from the surgery. During your initial consultation, we encourage you to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may sound.

The 3 Basic Components of a Face Lift

1. Removal of extra fat.

One of the distinct signs of aging is the appearance of jowls and the accumulation of excess fat in the neck and chin, resulting to a less distinct jawline. During your face lift, extra fat will be removed or may be redistributed to other areas for a more pronounced and smoother facial contour. 

2. Lifting and tightening the muscles.

Every so often, removal of extra fat isn’t enough and the underlying muscles may need to be lifted and tightened to make the jowls disappear and greatly reduce the sagging look, particularly in the midface area. 

3. Repositioning facial skin.

The final component of the procedure involves trimming excess skin and gently repositioning it in proportion to the rest of your facial features.

While the aforementioned components may sound really simple, it takes the skill of a highly experienced face lift surgeon for the result to look natural. In the hands of a less experienced surgeon, the face may look “windblown” and unnatural.

Your Face Lift Consultation at the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center

A thorough assessment and careful discussion of your cosmetic goals and preferences is our priority during your face lift consultation here at our Worcester plastic surgery practice. Get in touch with us by contacting Julie Gilson, our very accommodating patient coordinator, at 508-334-5990 or fill out this contact form.We are looking forward to serving you!

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