Welcome to the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center Blog!

Hello there! This is the UMass Memory Cosmetic Surgery Center Blog wherein everything you will read reflects our team’s core belief of providing the most natural outcome possible in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

We understand that making the decision to have plastic surgery may be overwhelming these days due to the vast amount of online information available. Thus, this blog will be an avenue of well-researched and well-written content that will surely help you carefully decide on which procedure to choose. In addition, a wide array of patient resources will be regularly posted to assist you in the preparation and recovery of the cosmetic procedure of your choice

Furthermore, this blog aims to address frequently asked questions, inform you of the current trends of plastic surgery, and provide you with an “insider’s” perspective of the different cosmetic procedures that are continuously evolving, particularly here at Worcester and neighboring areas. 

The UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center Commitment

Here at our Worcester plastic surgery practice, we strive for results that are appealing yet subtle at the same time, making it difficult for your peers to figure out if you had “work” done.

Every step of the way, our dedicated staff treats you like family. We truly enjoy guiding and caring for our patients throughout the entire cosmetic surgery journey — from the initial consultation to follow-up following surgery. We are never too busy to answer your questions, address your concerns or provide you with additional information or resources. Some of us have had cosmetic procedures too, so we know firsthand what you might be going through. Just ask — we are always willing to share our experiences!

We are looking forward to providing you with high-quality content in this blog! We also encourage you to ask questions, share  your thoughts in the comments section, and let us know how you can continuously improve our services. If there are topics or trends that you’d like us to write about, please share it with us, too.

For more information about the UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center, please contact Julie Gilson, our very accommodating patient coordinator, at 508-334-5990 or fill out this contact form.We are looking forward to serving you!

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