How Long Will I Need To Heal?

Cosmetic Surgery Worcester, MATaking time off work, arranging for someone to help with your children, taking a vacation and looking your best for a special event — these are all reasons why people want to know how long it takes to heal from cosmetic procedures. Fortunately, today’s aesthetic patients have several non-surgical options, such as Botox® and dermal fillers, that require no downtime or healing, but what if you want to enhance your breasts or eliminate those bulges of fat on your abdomen? Patient healing times do vary, but the following general guidelines can help you decide the best time to schedule your plastic surgery procedure.

Recovery vs. Healing

After a cosmetic surgery, you will need to rest at home and limit your activities. This is known as the “recovery” period. Once you recover, you will still have some healing that needs to occur. You may have swelling, bruising, tenderness and other symptoms. Your plastic surgeon explains how long your recovery will be, as well as how long it will take for your body to heal fully.

Dermal Fillers and Injectables — For Those Who Have No Time

Dermal fillers and injectables help with many common signs of aging. The treatments take 30 to 60 minutes and require no downtime.

Shorter Healing Times

Procedures that tend to have the shortest healing times are those that do not involve extensive changes to the tissues, such as:

Longer Healing Times

Longer healing times are associated with procedures that require extensive changes to several types of tissues, such as:

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