Plastic Surgery: How Much Is Too Much?

cosmetic procedures Worcester, MAPlastic surgery has evolved into a field of medicine that aims to help men and women feel more confident without looking “overdone.” As the interest in cosmetic procedures continues to grow, we meet with more and more people who want multiple treatments to change almost every aspect of their appearances. At UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center, our six board-certified plastic surgeons work to find the balance between aesthetic improvement and natural-looking results for patients who are considering facelifts and other types of facial surgeries.

The Importance of Looking Natural

Cosmetic surgeries are not intended to make your appearance perfect. Rather, the procedures can help you correct issues to help you look better while bringing out your best features. In years past, we have met with men and women who have had so many cosmetic procedures that their skin has little to no texture. Another common problem that we see is the effects of having too many facelifts. The healthiest perspective to have with plastic surgery is to consider treatments that will help you look age appropriate and keep people in the dark as to your secret weapon against aging.

Knowing When to Say “When”

You should feel excited about your plastic surgeries and the changes that the procedures will make to your appearance and confidence. Many people channel that excitement into a laundry list of procedures that they want to have done. We recommend that you prioritize your treatments and wait until you are completely healed from one surgery before deciding to have another. Your plastic surgeon can help you define this path by looking your best.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon

Board-certification is important when considering a plastic surgeon, but you should also look into other aspects. The most experienced plastic surgeons have websites that include pages that outline their experiences and approach to cosmetic treatments. Review this information and see if it fits with your motivation for having plastic surgery. Meeting with the surgeon for a consultation is a great first step. The surgeon should provide guidance on the benefits of the procedures, as well as describe the anticipated results. If you ever feel pressured during the appointment, we recommend that you find a surgeon that better fits your needs and personality.

Are You Considering Plastic Surgery? Contact UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center.

If you are considering liposuction, eyelid surgery, neck lift or other types of plastic surgery, contact UMass Memorial Cosmetic Surgery Center today to schedule a personal consultation. We have six board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in facial surgery, body contouring and other aesthetic treatments for men and women. Our offices are in Worcester and South Dennis, and you can contact us at (508) 334-5990.

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