The goals of the breast lift procedure

Our bodies change with age. However, some patients experience more significant changes than others. This includes women who may notice changes to their breasts. The breasts can change dramatically with time due to puberty, hormones, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the natural process of aging. However, this doesn’t mean that women have to deal with unwanted changes to their breasts. With plastic surgery, women can achieve improved body contours and a more youthful look. While breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures, another option shouldn’t be overlooked: the breast lift.

How does a breast lift work?

The breast lift procedure is a surgery designed to help women with sagging, drooping breasts associated with the natural aging process or changes from weight fluctuations. Over time, the breasts may lose their more perky, youthful look and sit lower on the chest as they once did. With the breast lift procedure, women can bring the breasts upward on the chest by removing excess skin. This does not, however, add volume or shape. In cases like this, the patient may be better suited for a breast lift combined with breast augmentation, where implants can be placed to restore lost volume or add a cup size.

Will my results look natural?

Our plastic surgeons are focused on ensuring all procedures leave patients with a natural appearance to their breasts. This builds confidence and helps in reducing the look of having “work done.” Whether patients choose the breast lift alone or combine it with implants using breast augmentation, they can achieve better contours, a more youthful look, and improved self-confidence! Additionally, our team takes great care in reducing or disguising scarring so patients can wear more revealing clothing such as swimsuits and bikinis with pride!

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