Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Surgical VS. Non-surgical

Face Procedures Worcester, MAThere always seems to be something new coming up when we look at plastic surgery treatments. We get so excited learning about the newest methods, treatments, and lasers that are being developed because that means we can continually learn and give you the results you’re trying to achieve.

Our reading and research has brought us a lot of exciting new information, and we’ve noticed a big trend lately. More patients are choosing non-surgical procedures to get the results they’re looking for. Instead of going under the knife, patients are looking for treatments that pack a punch with less recovery time or downtime. Keep reading for the biggest trends in plastic surgery we’re noticing.

Lunchtime Treatments

More and more frequently, patients are choosing procedures to give them the best results without extensive time away from work. For a lot of patients, that means more interest in dermal fillers. You can get those full lips you’ve been missing, and not have to wait as long to show them off!

One of the big reasons why fillers are becoming more popular is that they’ve become so much better and specific to what results you’re looking for. If you want prominent cheekbones, then a firm filler can target that area and mimic that harder texture. Those full lips we mentioned will feel more natural with a softer filler that has a little more “give” to it.

Younger Patients

People aren’t waiting around for plastic surgery. If young people aren’t happy with their appearance, they’re willing to go in and make a change. Social media and “selfie culture” probably has a lot to do with the younger influx of plastic surgery patients, as they want to show off their best self to the world.

These patients are also often choosing less invasive procedures that skew toward the preventative. Botox injected now can prevent wrinkles from developing in the future. Also, laser treatments can increase collagen production now, before it even starts to dip.

If you’re interested in these new trends in plastic surgery and what they can do for you, don’t hesitate. Call us today at (508) 334-5990 to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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