Why Do I Need to wear Sunscreen?

Skin Care Worcester, MAWe love seeing our regular patients coming back for treatments and seeing how the results from previous treatments have healed and transformed their appearance. Are you like that? If you’re skincare obsessed, you might also take before and after photos of yourself and track your progress. We won’t judge! In fact, we love when patients are truly committed to taking care of themselves, because that’s when we truly see the best results.

If you’re looking to prolong the results of some of our amazing anti-aging treatments like chemical peels, you can start with one daily change. Start wearing sunscreen. Every day. So many patients only wear sunscreen when they’re out at the beach or while on vacation, but UV rays are always there to help damage your skin. Keep reading to learn about sunscreen and what you should consider when testing new sunscreen. 


There are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens bounce UV rays off of your skin, while chemical sunscreens undergo a chemical reaction to absorb harmful UVA and UVB rays. Physical sunscreens (also called mineral sunscreens) consist of Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide as their active ingredients, while there are too many chemical UV filters to list here.


In recent years, it’s been discovered that certain sunscreen ingredients are linked to coral bleaching. In fact, Hawaii recently banned the sale of sunscreens with certain problematic ingredients, like Oxybenzone. Essentially, the excess sunscreen washes off the body while you’re in the ocean and can cause damage to coral as it comes in contact with reefs. If you’re planning a scuba diving trip, consider looking into safe alternatives like physical sunscreens.


If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions, you should test your sunscreens with caution. Do your research and try to eliminate any products that seem like they won’t work for you. For example, some chemical filters may cause reactions in the skin due to their photo-instability (they change when exposed to sunlight). Avoiding aggravating ingredients will help you use sunscreen consistently (thus protecting you from damaging UV rays). 

Using sunscreen can help prolong the anti-aging effects of some of our treatments. If you’re interested in learning more, call us today at (508) 334-5990.

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