Sagging Bum? Lift it up!

Buttock Lift Worcester, MAThere comes a time when we stop looking so long at ourselves in a full-length mirror. Maybe we’re not happy with a few extra pounds we’ve put on over the holidays (and are still hanging out with us in August). Or maybe we’re not so worried about extra volume, but decreased volume. If you’re currently sitting on a less-than-full bum, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. As we age and our activity levels change, our bodies change too. That once-full backside might now look a little deflated.

If your bum is looking a little less perky these days, it could be that you’re genetically predisposed to always have a smaller bum. Or, it could be that you’re working too hard at the gym and starting to burn muscle instead of fat. Alternatively, you could just be a victim of sitting too much and not having the time to work out as much as you’d like. Regardless, if your bum is sagging and bothering you, there’s a solution.

What is a butt lift?

This procedure helps to reshape a perkier, smoother backside and thighs. Often, extra skin can disguise the shape you have and draw attention to the extra skin that’s sagging off. A butt lift helps remove that excess skin and smooth the butt, thighs, and hips for a more youthful appearance.

A butt lift is a surgical procedure in which the underlying tissue of your hips, thighs, and butt is reshaped, and the skin is redraped and fit to your new proportions.

What is recovery like?

After your butt lift, you will be asked to take it easy (as with any surgical procedure) as you heal. You may be asked to wear compression garments to help control swelling and support the suspended tissues as they heal. You will receive take-home instructions of how to care for your incisions and what to avoid. For example, you will probably be asked not to sit on your backside or lie on your back for a week or more.

If you’re ready to kiss that sagging bum goodbye, then call us today at (508) 334-5990 to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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