Liposuction Recovery: When Can I Go To The Gym Again?

Liposuction Worcester, MAWhat a great question! Did you know that Liposuction (also referred to as Lipo) is not a procedure that is designed for weight loss? People commonly confuse Liposuction for a weight loss treatment, but the best candidates for this procedure are those who have stubborn pockets of fat that stick around no matter what, even with the best diet and exercise.

Our metabolisms naturally slow down as we get older, so that beer belly or muffin top that used to disappear after a few sit-ups might be sticking around longer than we’re used to. If you’re ready for those stubborn pockets of fat to hit the road, then keep reading. Liposuction is an amazing procedure that can help you get the body you desire.

Your body is pretty good at letting you know when you’re pushing yourself too hard. After a Liposuction procedure, the first two or three days will need to be full of rest and recuperation. Setting aside some time and energy to focus on healing will be important. You will likely want to take a week or two off of work to allow your body to recover.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure, so patients who rush back into their normal life may experience complications. Localized swelling and soreness may occur during the first few days, and is completely normal. Compression garments can help control swelling, and will likely need to be worn under clothing for a week or two after your procedure. These can be worn discreetly under clothing while you’re at work.

We recommend that you avoid the gym for at least two to three weeks after your liposuction procedure. Talking to your doctor will help them guide you as to the best time to go back, and how hard you will be able to work. Your body will need to adjust slowly, so don’t push yourself too hard. Your body will change and adjust to its new shape over the following weeks or even months.

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