Transitioning from Summer Skin: Time to Repair

Skin Care Worcester, MAThere are so many things that excite us about fall. The heat finally breaks, leaving us will a chill in the air that feels so refreshing after a long hot summer–and this summer was especially hot for many of us! The call of sweater weather and reading with a candle flickering nearby is hard to resist, especially when we know it means our skin will be adjusting to new cooler weather too.


If you avoid scrubs and exfoliation, fall is a good time to ditch that habit. Dry, flakey skin comes about more frequently when the air starts drying up in fall. Your skin needs a little more help in fall, and exfoliation can help get to the root of the problem. Well, exfoliation can’t add humidity to the air, but it does help remove dead skin cells that get in the way of your moisturizer. Exfoliation also helps give you a more radiant, healthy complexion, because those little dry flakes are nowhere to be seen.

Consider adding a gentle scrub or chemical exfoliant to your routine once or twice a week. Start with a gentle product if you’ve never used one before.


You probably already moisturize, at least on the days where your skin needs a little more love. Fall and winter is when we step up our moisturizing game and reach for something a little heavier than our summer moisturizer. If you love your moisturizer, then consider adding an oil like Squalane to boost your moisture levels.


Not so happy with some of the sunspots and issues that came up over the summer? Fall is a great time to treat those pesky issues like fine lines and hyperpigmentation. You’re less likely to be in the sun, so your skin has a better chance of healing without being exposed to more damaging UV. Because why would you treat your skin just to go out into the sun again?

Fall is a great time to treat hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and other concerns. Call us today at (508) 334-5990 to schedule a consultation.

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