Types of Fillers for Quick Results

Facial Fillers Worcester, MAHere we are, in the full throes of holiday busyness. We’re shopping for gifts, preparing dinner menus, and getting ready for two months of parties. It might all seem too much, but for those people who love to stay busy, this is the season for you. We’re not all so great at dealing with such an uptick in things to do, though. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have no fear. We can help you get ready to see all those people you love and feel confident at parties. Keep reading to learn about the different types of fillers we use to help give your appearance a little boost this holiday season.

Types of Fillers


Though Botox isn’t technically a filler, we love Botox for the amazing results it offers. If you’re plagued with deep set wrinkles, then Botox is for you. It helps smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles that cause them. If you have wrinkles from making that stern face or from squinting or laughing (hello, crow’s feet), then Botox is a fantastic option to give you a more smooth, youthful look.


This amazing filler lasts longer than many of the alternatives. Radiesse contains Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in an aqueous gel carrier. This solution is a wonderful filler on its own, but it gets better. It stimulates your body to create its own collagen, so your results are much longer-lived than other fillers. In fact, you may have results that last around a year or more!


If you’re concerned about facial wrinkles and folds, like nasolabial folds (the lines that move from your nose to your mouth) then Restylane is a great option. In fact, this hyaluronic acid filler is designed to act like the body’s own natural hyaluronic acid, so if you have allergies to other fillers this could be a great fit for you. This filler is designed to smooth wrinkles, and it’s also approved by the FDA to give lips more fullness.

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