What to Know About Anesthesia

Cosmetic Surgery Worcester, MAGetting the plastic or cosmetic surgery done can transform your look, make you feel more confident, and can even help correct certain medical issues like a deviated septum. When you come into UMass Memorial Medical Group to get a cosmetic surgical procedure done, you can rest assured that we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable from start to finish. As part of any surgical procedure, our on-call anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia to you. If you have never had surgery and aren’t familiar with anesthesia, you may be a little nervous about “going under.” To help you feel a bit calmer and confident, we have created a brief guide to a few things to know about anesthesia. Read on to learn more.

You Won’t Remember a Thing

The great thing about anesthesia is that you won’t remember a thing while you are under. In fact, all you will remember is counting backward while in the hospital and right before your surgery. Then, you won’t remember anything until after you are in recovery— meaning that there isn’t anything to be nervous about.

It’s Administered By a Specialist

When you are given anesthesia before, and during surgery, all of your vitals will be strictly monitored during the entire time. To make sure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure, our anesthesiologist will continue to administer more anesthesia while making sure that your heart rate and oxygen levels are normal.

It Can Cause Nausea

As one of the side effects of anesthesia, it can cause nausea in a lot of patients. If you feel nauseous after you wake up and are in recovery, this is completely normal. Depending on the type of surgery you had, you will be able to eat a little something afterward to help curb nausea. However, it should subside after just a few hours.

You Won’t Be Dehydrated

Because you won’t be able to drink anything during surgery and even before surgery, you may be worried about being dehydrated while you are under anesthesia. However, you will be hooked up to an IV either during surgery, after surgery, or both.

Anesthesia is designed to help you as the patient feel comfortable during your surgery. If you would like to learn more about anesthesia or any other procedures that we offer, contact UMass Memorial Medical Group today!

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