Following Your Surgery, A “Helper” Can Make All The Difference

You’ve made the decision to undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgical procedure. It was a big decision and one that you likely made with the help and support of a loved one. So, as you brace yourself to go under the knife, here are a few things to pass along to your “helper,” the point-person who will be assisting you along this life-changing journey.

plastic surgeryYou Will Just Be Along For The Ride – One of the most important responsibilities for your “helper” is to get you to and from your surgery. Because of the effects of the anesthesia and pain medications you will be given, you will need to be driven home and perhaps even chauffeured for a few days or more.

Don’t Be ‘Home Alone – Your doctor or nurse will ask you if there is someone at home to stay with you, especially your first night home following your surgery. If you don’t have a live-in partner, it is essential that you arrange for a “helper” to stay with you. Getting up in the night, feeling ill, dizzy, or nauseated can be especially frightening if you are alone.

What’s For Dinner…And Lunch…And Breakfast – Depending on the type of surgery, you may be given restrictions on what you can and cannot eat. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet will go a long way towards your speedy recovery. Prepare meals in advance and shop for the foods you enjoy…or better yet, let your “helper” prepare your meals. Tip: Take inventory of your medications – they may have advisory language on the label about being taken with food. This is important and should be followed, as an upset stomach, unnecessary nausea or vomiting may result from taking your meds on an empty stomach.

Whose Minding The Kids – If you have children, especially small ones, it’s important to arrange for help with child care – whether that is your primary “helper” or a friend. Remember: No heavy lifting!

Clean And Tidy – Allow your “helper” to vacuum. And do the laundry. And the dishes. Just for a time while you get back to your old but amazingly “new” self!

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