Should You Have a Male Breast Reduction?

iStock_000008516870XSmallMale breast enlargement is rarely talked about but it is actually quite a common condition. In fact, it has been estimated that the condition occurs in 70 percent of men who are 50 years and older and 50 to 60 percent in adolescent boys. Here at our Worcester male cosmetic surgery practice, we understand that it’s not just women who wants to feel good about themselves, men also want to feel more confident and comfortable with how they look.

One of the most common procedures that our team performs among males is male breast reduction to correct and improve the appearance of male breast enlargement. If you’ve been thinking of having male breast reduction for a while now and is still unsure whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure, find out below!

The ideal candidate for male breast enlargement should:

  • be of relatively normal weight and is bothered with the appearance of their enlarged breasts; the surgery should not be attempted when you are still trying to lose weight

  • have realistic expectations of what the procedure can and cannot accomplish

  • have elastic, firm skin that will assist in shaping the body’s contours

  • have stopped using marijuana, anabolic steroids, or excessive alcohol consumption as these factors are known to contribute to male breast enlargement hence it may be best to observe first if breast fullness will stop once the use of the aforementioned are halted

Your Personalized Male Breast Reduction Plan in Worcester and neighboring areas

If you’d like to learn more about male breast reduction and whether or not you’re an ideal candidate, we invite you to get in touch with us! Call Julie Gilson, our very accommodating patient coordinator, at 508-334-5990 or fill out this contact form to set up a consultation.We look forward to your visit!

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