What Will My Breast Implants Feel Like?

breast-augmentationWhen women are considering having breast implants, it can be an exciting experience. Achieving the curves you’ve always desired can feel like it will change a lot of things for the better. But as the surgery date approaches, many women get increasingly anxious about how they will really look and what the implants will feel like.

Recovery from breast implant surgery takes quite a few weeks. During this time the size of your breasts will change due to swelling. Your clothes will fit differently, and your entire figure will seem new.

You will also go through a period of getting used to the feel of the implants themselves. It will take a few months to become comfortable to both the larger size of your breasts and the implants. After this adjustment period, patients feel as though the implants are a natural part of their body, especially as new tissue grows around the implants.

The type of implant you choose may also have an effect on how you feel. Many women report feeling much more natural with silicone implants, but they pose a health risk if they leak. That is why more women and surgeons now opt for saline implants, which will look and feel just as good with the right surgeon, but will not pose any risks should they ever rupture.

No matter what type or size implant you choose, there will be an adjustment period for you mentally and physically. Once you become accustomed to your implants, you will find yourself with increased confidence and a healthier body image in your mind.

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